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Tomorrow-derby friendly-hawksmoor vs.Watling

Posted by Cailean Smith on June 22, 2010 at 4:33 PM Comments comments (0)

Be sure to check on tomorrow evening. The match ends seven o'clock but it may take us til later to put it on.

North Shires manager R.Smith talks about the recent friendly

Posted by Cailean Smith on June 22, 2010 at 4:22 PM Comments comments (0)

R.Smith, manager of N.Shires, had this to say about his teams performance against Sponneshire: "We may have one, but narrowly considering last season we beat them all three times we played. The first time we won 32-0! I know Sponneshire are improving but to be losing at half time? I know it was only a friendly, but it is solid proof we need to improve if we are again going to come first again next season. I think we should lay off the volley tactic and just get Smith to run the pitch. If we cross against s.Shires, Swales is to good to get lucky past. He'll pull the ball down before it even drifts near Smith. Despie this, although being exellent at shooting as well, Swales can't tackle and if we take advantage of that weakness in our rivals best player, we may improve more. This friendly was evidence our team needs improving".

North Shires vs. Sponneshire: 9-3

Posted by Cailean Smith on June 20, 2010 at 6:51 AM Comments comments (0)

On the start off, Smith ran for n. Shires and Bain ran for Sponneshire. Bain got there first but was too slow to pick up, so Smith pushed him off the ball. Green tidied up for n.shires and the game began. For the first ten minutes it was a slow game, passing lots before tackles were made. Finally a break began as sponneshire midfielder Benjamin got tackled by opposing midfielder, Wilkin. Again tidied up by centre half-forward, Green, it was cleared up to the wing were it was caught by James. It was crossed in expertly to Smith, who dived for the volley. Sadly it went just wide. The goal-hit cleared right into the opposing half only to be intercepted by MacDonald. MacDonald passed to Winger, Barringham, who lobbed the ball from his cup over the posts. It was 1-0. Despite this, 3 minutes later Sponneshire scored a shocker! Point scorrer Barringham fumbled the ball and was timed out by the five second rule. The free-hit was a pass up to Brown, who lobbed it into the box to be volleyed in off of Bains Knee. Sponneshire were winning 3-1 at half time! The second half began with  Smith winning teh start off and setting up a run for Read down the wing. It was crossed in and Smith ran into the box to volley it... but was pulled down by Bain. Luckily, MacDonald was there and chipped it up and hit it into the top corner with his hand. 4-3 to n.Shires. Again Smith won the start off and ran all the way down the pitch, everyone missing the tackles. In the box, Smith was tackled around the neck by Chitty (on loan from Belle Bawk). It was a penalty. Smith scored. It was now 6-3. Then in the 58th minute again Barringham made a break, before passing to Smith. He got into trouble and so passed to green who ran into position. Green caught it and chucked the ball into the air then smacked it. The goalkeeper lept for it and got a touch but it still flew in. The game ended 9-3 to n.Shires but man of the match was Sponneshires Bain. This was just a friendly.